Fashion in It's Fabric

Baggi started production in a small workshop in Izmir, Turkey 33 years ago and making it a world-class brand is our commitment to quality.

Suits, wedding suits, tuxedos, jackets and pants ... Baggi, while designing the most valuable pieces of men's clothing, establishes a sensitive balance between the reliability of classic styles and the vision of talented designers. We produce these products, which accompany men in their most important days, with an understanding that sees quality as a necessity rather than choice.

Since the day we started production in 1981, our striking designs holding superior quality as priority, first spread across Turkey, then the world in more than 100 countries. Thanks to our high standards and export success, we proudly represent the Turkish men's clothing industry in the world.

The most important task for us to satisfy those who prefer Baggi is to do our job in the best way. In our 7.500 square meter production facility in Turgutlu, our team exceeding 500 employees fulfill their duties with this mentality. The production facilities of Baggi work with a monthly capacity of 18,000 suits.

Our design team with 10 employees reveals their experience, creativity and vision to make your special days really unforgettable. Our designs that make our products unique with their details play a fundamental role in our story, which spread across the world from a workshop in a short period like 33 years.

Men across Turkey and 100 countries all over the world experience the most unforgettable moments of their lives with Baggi. Therefore, every day we work with care that you take for your most special occasions.